The End of the Road

Yeah, thats right, this 18 month experiment is done. The results? Inconclusive, which means I'll have to retest somewhere down the road. Don't worry, you'll be there along with me or at least will read about it.

Stay tuned for a wildly boring, psycho-analyzing summation of the trip followed by a long roll call of thanks. In a few hours I start the first of 5 flights totalling 46 hours of transit that will eventually put me home. Direct flight? Never heard of it. Officially I will be in June 3rd for 36 hours. The word "horrid" comes to mind at the moment.

I want to close my eyes and re-open them at The Lake.

Your boy,


Cathie Thomas said...

I am going to miss my vicarious adventures with Brian.
Cathie Thomas

btine said...

Nice work Q.

Anonymous said...

impressive. very impressive and job well done my friend. i've loved keeping tabs on you the last year and look forward to round two. best travel writer ever.


Mrs. P said...

"Bulgarian" Martha's mother here. I have become addicted to your writing and humor and hope it will still be intact on this side of the sphere! Hope your journey back is safe and not too agonizing! Mrs. P

nicholas said...

Dear Brian,

We have crossed paths briefly before but I just can't pin you down. Good luck.

I'll be watching you,

The real world

Enzminger said...

Mr. Q,

This is the best news we've heard in this troubling economic times. Worker productivity will now rise to pre-soul searching times.

-Upper Management

andy said...

some say at the end of every road begins a new one. congrats on the accomplishment and living up to a dream.
see you in the mountains.